Nick Clark

Former UCI Pro Cyclist, Current USAC Pro Cyclist and USAC Licensed Coach

Nick is a former professional UCI cyclist having competed on the tour calender for over 4 seasons. He started competing at the age of 13 years old. Nick holds a current USAC Pro license as well as being a USAC and Training Peaks accredited coach. Nick is a certified fitter with the IBFI (International Bike Fitters Institute), a Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Corrective Exercise Specialist with the International Sports Sciences Association, and a Certified School Cycling Instructor with Youth Education Sports.

Nick opened PBFC as a performance and coaching center in honor of his late wife Georgia.

Her GREAT words were “open up that damn bike thingy place Nick!”

So, its open, and he here he is, coaching us! We couldn’t be luckier, and we are extremely proud to be riding in honor of Georgia.

Brian Mattern

Performance Center Coordinator

Brian has been in the cycling industry since 2010. He has extensive knowledge of all types and levels of cycling brands, and a real passion for nerding out on gear. While bike bling is always impressive, Brian’s cycling experience has taught him that the most important piece of cycling equipment is the rider. Whether road, cyclocross, gravel, mountain or TT-ing, Brian has ridden it and is passionate about helping us achieve our best performance.

Alex Manente

Lead Mechanic

Alex has always enjoyed riding high-end machines. So with that passion, he keeps our bikes in perfect and excellent conditions. He has been a mechanic for twenty-years. He recently completed the USAC race mechanic certification, and is excited to be in the pit ready to keep us rolling!

Alex is also certified as masters technician from SBCU (Specialized Bicycle Components University), and Shimano DI2 Mechanic Certified. Alex has supported in Mechanical support for Race Across America, Shenandoah Mountain 100, and the Face of America.

Meet Jeremy

Core & Strength Conditioning Coach

Jeremy is our Strength and Core Conditioning coach. He is a 24 year Army veteran having retired at the rank of Lt Colonel, and we are super proud of his service and to have him as a part of our team! A massive part of cycling is core and full-body strength, and he continually pushes us to our limits by crafting individualized workouts to keep us at the top of our competitive edge.

He is also good at tricking us into holding our planks by telling stories, and highly skilled at forgetting what number we are on in our reps.